What Irish people have got international acclaim and for what?

Pierce Brosnan: Pierce Brosnan better known as James Bond is an Irish American actor. He is known for his very dynamic portrayal of the character in the Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. This drool worthy actor became an American citizen in the year 2004. Pierce Brosnan was also a popular figure due to successful television series Remington Steele. He has a range of characters portrayed by him to his credit. This stunning actor is now also a film producer and an environmentalist as well!

Paul David Hewson (Bono):Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono of the U2 group was born in Dublin in Ireland. The Irish band U2 has many smash hits to their credit. Bono is also the creative head behind the lyrics of the songs. Bono is also known for his controversial lyrics as well. This talented artist also has numerous awards to his credit. He has also tried his hand at acting. Bono is also engaged in extensive humanitarian work.

Ronan Keating:Ronan Keating tasted success when he was a member of the popular boyband group, Boyzone. This famous Irish personality is known for his singing skills and is also a smash hit with most teenyboppers. Tracks sung by Ronan Keating have hit the number one spot on most charts and this itself proves the popularity of this talented writer. The band Boyzone, worked together for 7 years after which members went their separate ways. News of their reunion in the years that followed was rife. Ronan Keating moved ahead with his singing career and has several awards under his belt.

Oscar Wilde:This famous Irish personality was one of the most successful writers ever. Oscar Wilde’s - The Picture of Dorian Gray, was amongst his most renowned works. Oscar Wilde was more recognized for his role towards aesthetic as well as decadent movements. He often brought criticism from other writers and found himself shrouded in controversy. Despite everything, the works of Oscar Wilde speak volumes about his talent as a writer.

Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton:Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton was an Irish physicist and is also the only famous Irish person to have won a Nobel Award for his work in the science department. John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton were the recipients of the 1951 Nobel Prize. This was mainly for their path breaking work on the transmutation of the atomic nuclei. This duo was also awarded the Hughes Medal of the Royal society of London. This was in the year 1938. He also received many honorary degrees that were awarded from North American and British Isles institutions.

James Hoban:Famous Irish people cannot be complete without the mention of James Hoban. This talented Irish architect is renowned the world over for designing the White House. He was born in Desart, which is near Callan in Ireland. It was in the year 1792, when Hoban won a contest that gave him the opportunity to design the mansion, which was known later as the White House.

Tony O’Reilly:This famous Irish personality is born in Dublin and is particularly famous as one of the richest men in Ireland. He was conferred the honor of being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the year 2001. This was particularly for his services towards Northern Ireland. He was also the former CEO of the H.J. Heinz Company and is also well known for his leadership skills. He was associated with the Independent News and Media Group as well. Tony O’Reilly has both Irish as well as British nationalities.